AK5Z Repeater - 443.600
Harlingen, Texas - CTCSS: 114.8
IRLP Node # 3600
(The AK5Z Repeater and the K5VCG Repeater are installed in the same cabinet)

The AK5Z Repeater is owned by AK5Z and supported by the Teer Radio Association (TRA).

AK5Z Repeater Tower                                         AK5Z Repeater Antenna

       AK5Z Tower Equipment Building                     KA7LEX Replacing Cabinet Door

                AK5Z Top Part of Repeater Cabinet             AK5Z Bottom Part of Equipment Cabinet 

          AK5Z Back of Repeater Cabinet                           AK5Z IRLP Node 3600 Cabinet Side-View

       AK5Z IRLP Node 3600 Cabinet Front                        AK5Z IRLP Node 3600 Open Cabinet