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The Valley Baptist Medical Center Radio Association (VBMCRA) is supported by the Valley Baptist Medical Center, located in Harlingen Texas. The VBMC Radio Association sponsors ARRL FCC Test Sessions every other month and free Amateur Radio classes  that are open to any interested person in the Rio Grande Valley. The VBMC Radio Association is open to all FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators and there is no charge for Association membership.

The VBMC Amateur Radio Emergency Repeater is owned by the Medical Center and operates with emergency power capabilities in the event of a commercial power failure. It exists to serve emergency communication needs in times of emergency or disaster as a service to the amateur radio community during non-emergency periods and may be linked any one of the local  valley repeaters for emergencies, special events, or special usage needs. The VBMC Emergency Amateur Repeater is an open repeater on 147.200 + Mhz with a CTCSS of 114.8 Hz. The repeater is an "Open" repeater with many full function features, including an "open" autopatch.

      For more information contact:

      Valley Baptist Medical Center Radio Association
      % CPE Center
      PO Drawer 2588
      Harlingen, Texas 78551-2588


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