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Welcome to AG4RQ's site on

The name is Mark. The QTH is Pembroke Pines, FL, just west of Hollywood, equidistant between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale in Broward county. Grid is EL95ux and coordinates are 25° 58' 41'' N, 80° 19' 48'' W. The rig for HF is an Icom IC-718. I use a Kenwood TS-520 for a backup. The antenna is either a 1/2-wave horizontal loaded 40 meter dipole with ladder line for all HF bands, or a 1/2-wave loaded vertical dipole on my fourth floor balcony. I have one vertical dipole for 10/12m and one for 15/17/20m - both homebrew, both only 4 1/2' high. A flat SWR is obtained with the use of a Kenwood AT-180 Antenna Tuner. For drawings of these antennas and instructions for building them, click the "Dipole" navigational button to the left.

In addition to homebrewing antennas, I also homebrewed a single-lever non-iambic paddle out of some junk parts (none electronic-related). For photos of my homebrew paddle and instructions for building one, click the "Paddle" navigational button to the left.

Besides the homebrew paddle, a Bencher BY-1 Iambic paddle, a vintage 1959 Poucel Electronics "EL-KEY" and a vintage 1961 Vibroplex single-lever "Vibrokeyer" paddle adorn my shack, along with a couple of TUG-8 D-104 microphones.

For VHF/UHF, the rig is an Icom IC-2340H Dual Band 2m/70cm mobile radio. The antenna is a homebrew coat hanger ground plane.

In addition, other radios in the shack are:
  • RCI-2950
  • Radio Shack HTX-10
  • Realistic TRC-449 CB converted to 10m
  • Realistic TRC-449 CB converted to 12m
  • RCI-5054 DX
  • Icom IC-2GAT 2m HT
  • Realistic HTX-404 70cm HT
A Pyramid Phase III PS-25 power supply powers all 12V equipment, with Gel Cells totaling to 79 Amp hours, along with an 80 Amp hour deep cycle marine battery on stand-by in case of power failure.

 Latest addition to this site is the "Icom Manuals" page. PDF files of Instruction Manuals and zipped PDF files of Service Manuals for Icom rigs are available for download.

 Latest addition to this site is the "Kenwood Manuals" page. PDF files of Instruction Manuals for Kenwood rigs are available for download.

 I have received numerous e-mail requests for the schematic and instruction sheet for the Pyramid Phase III PS-25 Power Supply. You can download these files with the following link.Pyramid Phase III

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Hats off to those who are not afraid to learn Morse code.
CW Forever!
I'm proud to be a Know-Code Ham.

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Morse code software that I recommend for
learning the code and/or increasing your speed are: Download the PDF file "The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy, 3rd Edition" by William G. Pierpont, N0HFF. This book is a must for anyone who is serious about learning CW or improving their CW skills.
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This site is always under construction. The wheels are always turning.

The Wheels Are Always Turning

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