Yaesu's engineers have dedicated themselves to the
enhancement of Signal-To-Noise ratio in designing the
FT-950. Since recovered audio is the most important
consideration at both ends of the communication circuit, the FT-950 is particularly optimized for noise reduction, wide dynamic range consistent with excellent sensitivity, audio tailored to the operators own voice pattern, and ease of operation.

The G5RV-M is an excellent all band (160-10 meter band) dipole. The 204 ft. Dipole with 64 ft. Feedline of 450 ohm transmission line achieves a resonance on all bands from 160 thru 10 meters with only one antenna without any loss in traps or coils. The impedance at the end of the 450 ohm feedline is approximately 50-60 ohms.
On 160 meters the electrical center of the antenna is at about 30 ft.