QRP Contesting in Wyoming

Contest Modifications to Scout/Argo-556 radios:
Full QSK up to 50+ wpm.
Optically-coupled PTT output for keying DSP filters (or an amplifier).
Optically-coupled CW keying for most contest software.

These photo's were taken at the end of October and early November, 1997.

1997 QRP Amateur Radio Club International Fall QSO Party (CW)
October 18-19, 1997

Final Score (Portable, Single-Op):

445 QSO's, 131 W/VE mults, 10 DX mults = 1,711,458 points.
1997 ARRL Sweepstakes (CW)
November 1-2, 1997

Final Score (QRP Single-Op): 618 QSO's, 71 Sections = 87,756 points.

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