TenTec Scout/Argo-556 Faster QSK Modification

 Some of the Ten Tec Scout and Argo-556 radios have fairly slow 
QSK as shipped from the factory.  There is a relatively easy way 
to make it much faster, allowing full break-in at 50+ wpm.  You 
don't have to take the radio apart, just remove the top cover.
Grant K7GT received this information from the Ten Tec factory.

 The fix is to change a resistor, R37 , now 1k,  to a 2.2k,  on 
the RCVR/Control board, 81644.  Here's the description of how to 
find R37:

  R37 is mounted vertically on the RCVR/Control board just to the 
front of the diode (also mounted vertically) that is almost 
touching the right-front corner of connector 'A'.  The front of 
the radio is facing forward.  
  Cut the looped-over lead of R37 and solder a 1.2k resistor in 
series with the cut lead on the 1k part.  Be QUICK when soldering
the new resistor to the lead that is going into the board, or you 
will melt the solder holding it in the hole and it may drop 
through the board.  Then you  WILL  have to take a lot more of 
the radio apart to solder in the added resistor!!!!  Tin the 
leads of the 1.2k resistor before soldering them to the 1K
resistor leads and you will need less heat.

73  --  Glenn  AE0Q/V31RY
[email protected]