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If Ham Radio is an unfamiliar term to you, then your education has been sorely lacking! I intend this to be a place to remedy that.

Here's a not-too-technical piece about our hobby. It was written by a ham named Hans Brakob. I think he has a gift with words - and maybe just a bit of Magic to offer.

Do you ham and drive? Here's a wake up call.

I'll be collecting more items of interest to Amateur Radio operators (Hams) to put here. To begin with, there are just a few links of interest. My eventual aim is to post lots of original material here. My affiliations are The American Radio Relay League, The Pasadena Radio Club, and GEARS - Glendale Emergency Amateur Radio Service. Also, I have taken the new responsibility of directing amateur communications for the annual Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run. It is an ultramarathon, covering 100 miles of mountain trails, through 13 checkpoints. We provide the communications backbone for runner safety in that 33-hour foot race. We are seeking new volunteer amateurs. Join us!

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