Salut Angelina i Margarita !!!


The view of Manhattan, the cultural and administrative center of New York City (NYC). This is an Island and one of the five Boroughs of NYC. On the right side of the Island you can see the building of the UNITED NATIONS, where is located the 4U1UN Club Station. On the left side of the Island are the Twin Towers. They are two alike buildings.



Gene and Boris




Gene and Boris




Lucy and Boris



" Good Morning Dayton! " Roman, AH0M, Gennady, AB2AP and Alex (K2PAL) are full of emotions about the HAMFEST first visit day in Dayton ,Ohio.



When darkness fell Saturday night, Igor, VR2ZQZ continued his Field Day operation on Lamma Island, Hong Kong by the glow of these young girls. His equipment there is FT-1000-D 200W, Vertical Ant, TS-50 and 5 el. Beam on 6m. Band.  Mongolia visiting here.





This is my niece Kate, and my nephew Roman.


These are my twin daughters Svetlana and Marina. There are 18 y.o. Photo made at April of 2000.




This is my oldest daughter Lina (right). She is an artist and she likes touring in The Crimea mountains.




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