Serving Henry,Knox,Stark,Rock Island, Mercer, Lee,
Fulton, counties in Illinois and Scott county in Iowa.

The Area Amateur Radio Operators, (AARO) meet on the 3rd Monday of each month. In the Winter months we meet at the Blach Hawk College outreach center (just North of City Hall)  in Kewanee, Illinois, and Summer Months at the Galva Park District Park Shelter, (just South of the Swimming Pool), at 7:PM.

AARO was founded in 1995 by some area hams that had a vision
of providing communications in times of emergencies and putting  a local repeater on the air. There was a hole in this area as far as far as repeater coverage and simplex communications were becoming more difficult because of a repeater input and output on 146.460 Mhz. After drafting, accepting, and adopting a Constitution and by-laws, our club was formed and incorporated.
We began a fundraiser for a repeater and after about a year, we finally
had enough money to put a repeater on the air. (For more information on the repeater see below.) We had a site approved for several years for this repeater, but could never raise enough money to actually put it on the air until after the club was

If you would like to attend a meeting or join our club, give a call on the
club repeater 145.490 - 600 Hz, 225.7 PL, or 442.175, 225.7 PL and ask for information.
Below is an application for membership, that can be completed and sent 
e-mail, snail mailed, or if you would like, brought to the meeting. 

Early Club History:

Membership Application:

The AA9RO Repeater Update

VHF (First) Repeater

UHF Repeater

Constitution and By-Law Page:

AAROFest 2017:

Past and Present Officers


For further information or directions, email the webmaster.