The Foxx-3 Mini-Transceiver

In An Altoids Tin!

Just had to put something in an Altoids Box to keep up with QRP Tradition.
When I saw the updated Foxx mini-transceiver ad on the back of SPRAT 105, I thought I'd give one a try.
This little rig incorporates a sidetone, low-pass filter, changeover relay, crystal, key and connectors, and includes a quality silk-screened board.
I built mine for the 30m band. It tunes about 10kHz.
My rig works as described, but watch out for the micro-phonics.
That little relay will blast your ears, if you have the audio gain control turned up. Hi.
The documentation with this kit is the best that I have seen from Kanga - clearly written and excellent inter-stage test directions.
Kanga, USA offers these kits for sale, and you can find more information at the Kanga Products site.

Photo of the completed Foxx-3 (30m version)