Broadband 80 Meter Bandpass Filter

This filter is not my own, and I take no credit for it; It was published in SPRAT Nr. 105 / Winter 2000/1.
The title of the article is "Receiver Input Filters," and was supplied by Marco Eleuteri, IK0VSV.
As indicated in the article, the filters listed are used by W3LPL and IK0XBX.
Listed are input filters for 160 - 10 meters.

W3TS, Mike, suggested I use this filter instead of the one prescribed in the original Progressive Receiver circuit. It works very well, and minimizes parts count and panel space. This is especially important since we incorporated a Preselector which uses a panel mounted "peaking" capacitor. Operating the receiver would have been cumbersome, if we had included the original 80 meter filter which also required manual peaking.