The 4m beacon and 2m repeater are no longer in serviceand the clubstation A92C has been dismantled.

A92C/B The 4m beacon

The A92C/B 4 metre beacon has been repaired by Dave A92IO. Spectrum as seen by the Bahrain Monitoring Service


A92RP Repeater

The A92RP is currently under test. It transmits on 145.750MHz with an output power of approximately 30W. The input frequency is 145.150MHZ and requires CTCSS 118.8Hz.


The repeater is based upon a GE Matr Executive II transceiver and fitted with RC1000 controller supplied by Micro Computer Concepts. The duplexer is an old WACOM unit. During this testing phase any reports would be appreciated.

A92C/B The 4m beacon

The A92C/B 4 metre beacon was put on the air on Saturday 11th February 2012 on 70.085Mhz. It is running 10 watts output to a vertical folded dipole.


The beacon being monitored at the QTH of A92IO.

Installing the 2m and 4m Antennae

Adel A92FF, David A92GE and Dave A92IO Installing the 2m and 4m antennae at the club station.

41st Annual Scout Camp

The Amateur Radio Association gave a demonstration of Amateur Radio to the Scouts Annual Camp on 2nd - 5th February.

Annual Dinner 2012