Alaska VHF-Up Group Awards Page

Conducted by Paul Kiesel, K7CW / VE7IB, Trustee at KL7FF
Awards Chairman of the Alaska VHF-Up Group


Welcome to the Alaska VHF-Up Group Awards Page. The Alaska VHF-Up Group has two operating awards that are given to those who complete their requirements and who remit five dollars per award applied for. The Alaska Pathfinder Award is given for working stations from five different grid squares in Alaska on any one VHF/UHF band. (This award will be of interest to Alaskan rovers in VHF contests.) The Alaska Sourdough Award is given for working 5 grid squares in Alaska on any one VHF/UHF band. (Anyone in the world may qualify for this award.) Sticker endorsements for each award may be earned for working an additional five similar contacts as for the original awards. Applicants should send log excerpts showing contact information which includes band, grid square operated from, grid square of station worked and date of QSO for each of the five required QSOs. QSL cards are not required. Contacts made via any kind of man-made repeater are not allowed. Applications go to the Awards Chairman.

Examples of the awards can be seen here (pdf file).

Check here for the complete set of rules.

Those who are interested in VHF/UHF operating activites can check the ARRL web site for ARRL-sponsored awards and also for North American VHF/UHF distance records and band standings.

Alaska Sourdough Awards Issued

50 MHz No. 1 - K7CW (8/29/11)
144 MHz No. 1 - NL7OW (8/29/11)
144 MHz No. 2 - KL7UW (8/29/11)

Alaska Pathfinder Awards Issued

50 MHz No. 1 NL7HJ (8/29/11)
50 MHz No. 2 KL3JI (9/18/13)
144 MHz No. 1 NL7HJ (8/29/11)
144 MHz No. 2 KL3JI (9/18/13)
432 MHz No. 1 NL7HJ (8/29/11)
432 MHz No. 2 KL3JI (9/18/13)