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Amateur Radio ! Its a beautiful hobby!


This website is about our family,our village and our country and beautiful Malaysia. If you have come this far, you are obviously curious to know.. Well, my name is Alfons, callsign 9M6MU and my xyl is Doris,callsign 9M6DU.
This site also highlights our passion for the ideas and concepts we feel so very passionate about; our family, our Amateur Radio and other related electronics / scientific hobbies and our love for nature and the environment.

click to see map of Keningau

As you can see from the theme of this site.. we give a lot of respect to Light and Sun power. Living in the heart of Borneo, many of us are still not as fortunate as you, to have access to mains generated power supply.

So electric power generated from the use of Photovoltaic Solar Panels and abundant sunlight we have here is very comforting. While waiting to get our main self-sufficient and renewable-energy-enabled home ready at our favorite place, Eagle Plateau, we currently live in a little Village called Kampong Menawo,in the Keningau District deep in the interior region of the Malaysian State of Sabah, on the northern tip of the island of Borneo.

Biking at Eagle Plateau

The feel of wide open spaces and freshness that can only be found in unpolluted and beautiful natural environment that we love so much..
We enjoy cyclying as a family activity and love the closeness and strong bond of friendship and fellowship that we have found as a family committed to finding a gateway to enjoying all that mother nature has prepared for all of us in a peaceful and conducive environment
away from all the noise and the overcrowding..learning to survive with less can be a luxury that only the peaceful ones can appreciate

( L to R: Brenden 9W6SWL,Michelle 9W6EMU,Alfons 9M6MU,Doris 9M6DU, Brenda 9W6BX, Jason 9W6BMW )

We are very lucky to have a piece of land that we think is just absolutely wonderful for our hobby, Amateur Radio!. The land is about 50 Acres in area , not too big but then again, not too small for an average ham family.Yes we have 5 hams in the family right now.The land is located at about 2,500 ft amsl. and is in fact a plateau we have named Eagle Plateau or EP !!

We just love the mountains and the freshness of nature

So close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself perched on a high elevation/location with a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding countryside !! yes.. its just so natural and beautiful !

Eagle Plateau is aligned on a north south orientation. To the north, you can see majestic Mount Kinabalu , at 4095.2 metres amsl, the highest granite mountain in South East Asia. To the east is Mount Trus Madi at 2,642 meters amsl, the second highest mountain in Malaysia. The view to the west is the beautiful Crocker Range running almost parallel with the coast of Sabah. And of course to the south is the vast highland valley of Keningau dotted with quaint villages. The panoramic view is really peaceful and unique which is further enhanced by the feeling of being in a special place .. relaxing and surrounded by beautiful nature !

And at night, the night sky is filled with sparkling stars that you can appreciate the full meaning of the age old nursery rhyme " Twinkle, Twinkle, little stars"
Yes.. Its a natural Planetarium !

We use the abundant solar energy from the sun for all our solar thermal and solar electricity needs

For radio, it certainly is a ham's dream home.
We pump our own water supply using the latest solar pumping technology and our electric power comes from the clean abundant radiant energy of the SUN for both our thermal and electricity needs.

Family visits are a wonderful way of enjoying fellowships

So.. there you are.. have time for that cuppa? please.. we insist..

As you probably gathered, we are into all the self reliant life concepts ;) ; Self suffeciency, Nature and Conservation, the 3 R's meaning, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.
Our earthship home and community program is on going and we will be constructing other facilities as soon as we can get all the materials ready.. and we hope next time you drop by, we will be able to show you some pictures of it. We have some pictures of our huge Water Storage Tanks with used automobile tyres being used for the main foundation materials.

If you are having similar interests in building earthships, recycling, conservation and organic gardening for healthy home grown food. Please.. we would love to hear from you.

Just so you know, we are also into beautiful music, Solar Photovoltaics, computers, electronic sequencers, photography and videos and meeting new friends who share our passion for ham radio , and the good life!


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