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More pictures of Eagle Plateau here

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Yes warm greetings to you and

welcome to our humble home on the web !

You know..In this fast changing and fast paced world of electronics, computers and the increasing rat race, our little space here on the web, is an attempt to put some sense into our lives.. We try to anyway..

We feel that by sharing our lives here with you it will contribute to some meaningful connection ..Perhaps you are already living "the good life being so close to nature"!.If so, we would love to hear from you too ! Our virtual home here is a reflection of our real life experiences as we struggle to create a physical home for the family at a special place we have named Eagle Plateau deep in the heart of Borneo !

Its a small place with just about 50 Acres of unique highland Plateau (Eagle Plateau or more fondly called EP) where we have started to build our dream home, incorporating the basic concepts of Self sufficiency, recycling, nature conservation as well as embracing a holistic approach to healthy living and exploring / experiencing the wonders of nature in a quiet, peaceful and tranquil environment.

The challenges are real , as are our labour of love ! We have found both frustrations as well as comfort and interesting rewards as we continuously try to improve the place.. fixing roof and water tank leaks, maintaining the power generators , cleaning the solar PhotoVoltaic panels and gardening, struggling to put up our earthships... what else ? Oh yes.. the organic and herbal gardens that needs attending to. Our fruit trees and our veggie garden.. There simply isn't that much time in a day... But thru it all.. we are learning, sweating and enjoying the rewards of being independant.. away from the grid.. doing our own thing with electronics,photovoltaics, computers and the hobby we love the most... Amateur Radio !!

Our family at EP taken on the 26th December, 2006

Our family at EP taken on the 26th December, 2006

Click here to see more of the family

Twin cabins at Eagle Plateau

For years now, Doris and I have been dreaming of trying to be as independant as we can. Independant, meaning doing as much ourselves as we can. Building our own shelter,running our own water supply, generating our own electric power, growing our own food and of course, planting and maintaining our antenna farms which is connected to our love.. Amateur Radio ;)

What you will find here in these pages are our thoughts, our hopes, our aspirations and our attempts at living life to the fullest. Indeed it is a reflections of our beautiful dreams.. that someday, we will be able to achieve all that we want to in our vision of the ideal ham world hi .

So if you are still reading this.. Again.. welcome to our place, please come on in and make yourselves at home..
The home brewed coffee is ready and the freshly homebaked hot bread is just out of the oven...
Relax.. Doris my xyl and I and all the kids are very happy that you dropped by..


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