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My name is Godfrey Yin. First of all, I would like to thank QSLNet qslred1.gif (794 bytes) for this space in their server to house my home page. This is for me to learn more about Web Pages, so that I can share with my many Friends who wish to create their own. This home page is also for me to introduce myself to Web Surfer.

I was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia long time ago in the year 1951. I am a Chinese-Malaysian. There are some Photographs of my Family in my Photo Album and here is a map to show 'where in the world am I'. Please click on the map to view a larger view.

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My XYL, Stella (9M6JY) and I (9M6GY) are Ham Radio enthusiast. We are members of the Sabah Amateur Radio Society.

We have being working with Ham Radio since 1994 as a SWL. Sabah Amateur Radio Society (SARS) conducted Basic Radio Theory lessons for a group of us, to prepare us for Radio Amateurs' Examination. We sat for the examination but some of us failed; my XYL and I included. Without giving up, we sat for the examination again 6 months later. This time, we made it through and we were allow to operate 2 meter VHF only.

We took time in the night to Morse Code lessons conducted by SARS. We learn almost every night and also from my computer at home. We are fortunate to pass the first time. This achievement allow us to operate HP Radio. So here we are enjoying Ham Radio as one of our hobbies.

All Ham Radio operators are encourage to contact me if you like to come to Sabah (9M6 land) for DXing.

Our other hobby is Sailing. I own an International 470 sailing dinghy which my XYL and I race every Sunday at Kinabalu Yacht Club at Tanjung Aru beach.

To finance our hobbies, I manage my home business which is a fibreglass utility powerboat building industry. I build 12 to 35 footer boats and that includes Catamaran Power boats for dive resorts.

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