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Welcome to 9A5TT Amateur Radio home page.

Brief info: My name is Tomislav Kordaso and I was licensed for a first time in 1994 as 9A7GWJ. Shortly I was active as 9A6GWJ after upgrade to higher class OP. Aiming higher, have upgraded to B class OP in 1996 and since then I hold my current callsign 9A5TT. I am presently living in Zagreb.

My interests: packet radio (especially high-speed packet), PSK31, SSTV, HF DXing, VHF contests, electronics homebrew, and improving my CW skills. I am collecting and restoring ancient (vacumn tube) equipment. Because my present job leaves very limited free time to me, my activities are sporadic.

Equipment: Kenwood TR9000E 2m all mode. Alinco DJ-F1 2m FM. Heathkit SB-104 HF.

Membership: I am a member of Vallis Aurea Radio Club 9A1BTU in Pozega. Also I am a member of HRS -- Hrvatski Radioamaterski Savez (Croatian Amateur Radio Association).

Click here for a virtual trip to my home town Pozega.