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This page will be rewritten as soon as I get round to it!

Downloads: WFcalc (for DRM ID) MMSSTV contest templates MMSSTV cartoon templates a PSU project a crystal radio Kapellmeister transmission line speaker enclosures a line-out mod for most mobile sets

Software: Geog VLFclock SpectrumLab quickMix PSK31Deluxe MT63 WSJT mFSK Hellschreiber FAX SSTV DXatlas RDFT

Here's a nice wire for SWL.

Someone gave me a Sony 1R-81, which I'm trying to fix. Anyone have a tuning cap to suit?

Living near Heathrow Airport, wondering what an aircraft noise looks like...

The G2BCX 2m Double Diamond antenna.

20m PACTOR used to be my operating mode of choice, as well as RTTY and SSTV, although I'm recently finding PSK is fascinating, as well as Echolink.

here's my PSK interface.

Here are some of my beloved radios, TS-440S, FT290mkČ, IC-P2E, TR-7730.

QSL information here.

Below is an image generated by "geog" available here, I made a simple menu for geog here.

 my location, IO91TK

Here's a simple Maidenhead Locator explanation.

and finally...