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Swap Meets

  • Monthly: El Cajon ARC Swapmeet is held the first Saturday of each month at the Santee Drive-In Theater on Woodside Ave. at Hwy.67 in Santee, CA, starting at 6am, talk-in 146.52, buyers 50 cents.

  • Monthly: Inland Empire ARC Swapmeet is held the second Saturday of each month at the A.B Miller High School, north of the intersection of Walnut and Oleander in Fontana, CA, 7-11:30am, talk-in 145.480(-.6) PL=77.0, buyers free.

  • Monthly: TRW ARC Swapmeet is held the last Saturday of each month on the northwest corner of Marine Ave. (Compton Blvd.) and Aviation Blvd. in Manhattan Beach, CA, 7-11:30am, talk-in 145.32(-.6) PL=114.8, buyers free.