4U1VIC by JH4RHF Contact (Last update 17 Apr 2014)

Guest operation

Vienna International Amateur Radio Club, 4U1VIC welcomes guest operators. If you wish to operate, please contact following members. For security reason, at least one of the members is required to stay with the guest all time. Many of members often have duty travel to abroad, and sometimes no member is available for guest operations. Please contact the member well in advance to arrange for your operation.

For contest operation please refer  Guest Operation Guideline for detail.

Contact person:  Jun Tanaka JH4RHF

QSL info

If you want to send QSL to 4U1VIC in direct, mailing address is as follows. 4U1VIC is trying to send QSL to all QSO via bureau. If you do not need our QSL in hurry, you do not have to send SASE. 

Mailing address: Vienna International Amateur Radio Club, P.O.Box 200 Vienna A-1400 Austria

(Please clearly indicate "Amateur Radio Club". The P.O.Box is used by other UN organizations as well)