Guest Operation Guideline for Contest Operation (Nov 2001)

4U1VIC is opened for guest operation. However, due to lots of limitation, the condition of the operation is much restricted as follows. 
First of all, the station is located in the secure UN building in Vienna, Vienna International Centre (VIC). For security reason, 4U1VIC member 
(UN staff member) MUST escort the guest always whenever the guest is staying the VIC. For the time being, I would be only one who will take 
care of the guest for 4U1VIC.
Next thing you need to know is that the permanent antenna setup is not allowed at 4U1VIC for security reason and rough weather at the top 
of the tower. You need to put up (or even bring your own) antenna(s) for your operation. In general, no one can escort you during office hour
 and you need to do antenna work after the office hours.
The other thing you need to know is that due to limited budget, 4U1VIC only has old TRX such as FT767 and FL2100. If you want to play 
modern fashion radio for contest operation, you have to bring your own.
Procedure of guest operation
1. Please contact me immediately when you start to plan an operation of  4U1VIC. I will answer you as soon as possible about schedule. Please 
note that all of VIC staff may have a duty trip with very short notice, and your operation have to be cancelled in very last minutes in such case. 
Generally, if you want to operate for contest, you will come up to the station in Friday afternoon (approx 5pm), then do antenna works etc
 until contest starts. You have to put all antennas down immediately after the contest and complete the work before Monday work hour.
2. Then you need to submit individual information of the guest operators in well advance for UN security clearance. Name, callsign and home
 address are required. If you intend to bring your equipment, the list of the equipment shall be attached.
3. Your operating plan of mult operator is appreciated. A plan I, or other VIC staff members, can join is preferable, otherwise VIC staff member 
have to watch your operation always (whole 48hrs) that is completely boring.
4. No operation fee or permit fee required. However, you are kindly asked to share the QSL cost for your operation. 4U1VIC is sending QSLs
for all QSOs made. For contesting QSO, it cost approx 0.02USD per QSO. Not to make any confusion, QSL info shall be always to 4U1VIC 
either direct or via OE bureau.