On CW Philippines' Going 15 de 4F1AAR The Early Days 2

The C W Philippines' Debut into the Wolrd of Philippine Amateur Radio

And so this "barkada" on air, growing even bigger by the time, sat one day and saw the need to get organized. They called themselves "Communications World of Amateurs, Inc." the first time around and with Ed Montalvan, they drafted their Constitution and By laws together with their Articles of Incorporation. Had them ratified and elected the interim officers who saw them through the initial stages of the organizational process. The word "Philippines" however, was later added to the Club's name for added id and ditinction to the country.

In a General Membership meeting held On October 26, 1984, the first set of officers based on the provision of it's By Laws were elected to the Board and these were:

Dr.Reynaldo E. Fermin, DV1FZ as President

Eduardo A. R. Montalban, DV1AED as Vice President - Internal

Danilo V. Palma, DV1DVP as Vice President - External

Benedicto T. Alonzo, DW1AT as Secretary

Dr.Francisco L. Saballa, Jr., DW1ARC as Treasurer

Fred H. Dellosa, DV1DP as Director

Roman V. de Borja, DV1AAR as Director

The Club's first formal induction ceremonies was held for the set of officers who will serve the organization for the coming 1986 at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila on November 30, 1985.

Except for one director, the inductees were mostly the same officers who were re-elected for the coming term to include:

Engr. Arturo A. Gillego, DV1ABZ as Director


Gracing the affair were the then President Dr. Antonio N. Lazatin, Jr. DU1LOG of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, Inc. with his Executive Vice President Tirzo G.Parpan II, DU1LZ and the then District I Director, Perseverando Pilares, DV1SW.


But the Club was continuously growing and with the increasing number of it's membership, they saw the need to adopt some policies regarding the entry of new members as well as some other matters related to it. Increasing the number of directors from seven to eleven seats were also found necessary hence, this prompted the drafting of a proposal for an amendment that was presented and ratified at a general membership meeting held at the Quezon City Sports Club come June of 1986.

And added to the board after a short election held for the purpose were:

Dr. Josefino R. Alvero, DV1ANX

Royden T.Abuel, DU1FP

Ramon T. Bacani, DV1ARK

Shirley Ann Villegas, DV1ASV


The Encounters in February

Just right after midnight, on the morning of the first day of 1986, Ben Viloria, DU1TT who was also one of the trustees of the club, conducted the early morning net on the 2 meter band. I still remember the entire net being full of greetings with well wishes for a happy and prosperous new year for everyone. The net lasted for more than two hours that registered a total of 140 check ins.


Then came the Snap Elections. Working under the umbrella organization of PARA, The club participated in the national exercise and joined the National Movement for Free Election or NAMFREL in its Central Headquarters in La Salle, Greenhills. They provided several operatives and mobile stations for situational reports and relays needed by DX1NAMFREL.

The EDSA Revolution or what is now known as the People's Power followed the already tense atmosphere at Greenhills. And this time, military movements had to be monitored. There was also one occasion that they had to assist in alternately feeding live broadcasts regarding Manila's situation into the Visayas and Mindanao areas via HF. For some reasons, these areas were suddenly cut off from the news until DU1JMG, Joe Mari Gonzales came in and organized the process that saved the feeding units from heating up.

 The PARA Board and OMARC by March


What followed next was that Rey, DV1FZ, who was just appointed Corporate Secretary in the preceeding year, was now a regular member of the Board of Directors of PARA. He got the highest number of votes from among the five cadidates nominated for the position..

The Oriental Mindoro Amateur Radio Club or OMARC, a newly created amateur group, was adopted by the Club on this month for guidance until such time that they will be given affiliation to PARA and accreditation by the NTC.