What is a ZF2NT?

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ZF2NT is the amateur radio callsign assigned to me by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of the Cayman Islands. In one sense, the call refers to a person. That person is the writer, Bruce Sawyer, and when not in the Cayman Islands I normally go by the call N6NT. (Follow this link for a few pictures of my station in California.) . In another sense, the call refers to the station on Little Cayman.

cc_blue The person behind the call

For those who care about such things, here's a short synopsis of my professional background:

cc_blue The station behind the call

The ZF2NT station is located on Little Cayman Island, which is approximately 19.8 degrees north latitude by 80 degrees west longitude. It is located in grid EK99. I am on the southwestern corner of the island and am right on the beach. The property is approximately 280' wide, measured along the ocean, and is about 300' deep. For those who have been to Little Cayman, it is approximately 300' east of the lighthouse on the western end of the island. When you fly into Little Cayman, just look out the starboard window of the plane when you make landfall during your approach and you will see my antennas.

It took me almost two years of begging and pleading, plus several trips to appear before various government officials, but in August of 1998 I did finally succeed in obtaining all building permits needed to construct a house and erect two towers on my property. One of the towers can go to 87' and the other can go to 67'.  While my initial plans for the station were very ambition, a few years of experience in trying to keep a station operational in a tropical location next to the sea have taught me to moderate my plans somewhat.  There is one permanent tower at 60' and another temporary tower at 50'.  Both are populated with as many antennas as I dare try to maintain...and that is never enough!  Station photos can be viewed at  ZF2NT station photos.

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