Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Vines of Time

Vines of Time

John Bryan State Park, Greene County, OH

Placed 25 January 2002 by

Flyfisher <><


From the same parking as "Cave Frogs" series in John Bryan (Swimming Pool Road Trail Access) walk toward the cave frogs for 2.5 minutes at a standard pace.  On the right you will see the ruins of an old barn with no more than its stonework remaining.


Walk 7 paces from the trail to the "door" and then all the way to the far wall of the foundation.  In the right hand window frame you will see that the window frame is now dominated by a very large wild grapevine.  


Standing inside the barn, go to the NW corner.  There, under 3 bricks you will find what you are looking for.


Look outside at the old well.  Think how your house may look 100 years from now.  Will your grandchild be putting a letterbox where your house once stood?  Will your life be more memorable than the things you leave behind?


Now get on to finding more of the park's letterboxes...


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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