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Many of the boxes are missing.  Many of the logs are full
Updated July 2004

Flyfisher's Letterbox Writing

Vapor Pressure of Hand Carved Stamps

PFXE Scores


A number of boxes below have clues which have been modified since their original listing.  They are marked with a magenta asterisk (*)

Hybrid Geocache Letterboxes (All in Ohio)

Mad Mad World
Letterboxing North America *
Whispering Pines  (Stamp is missing)
Pioneer Spirit
Flying and Fishing  (Missing)

Miami Beach  NEW! (Missing)

Beavercreek Island  (Missing)

Englewood Metro Park West  (Saprophyte in Abe's Geocache) (Absent)

Micro and Mini Letterboxes

A Micro-letterbox contains just a stamp and paper for a log in a single 35mm film canister.  A Mini-letterbox has stamp, stamp pad, and log book contained in two 35mm film containers.  The logs are only 1.5 inches wide, so don't expect a large stamp to fit.  Bring a small cousin.

The Valley of Frogs letterboxes are all in John Bryan Park. Letterboxers may not go more than a few feet from the trail.  All boxes in the park have been reviewed by the park staff and you may leave the path only to find the box.  Dogs in John Bryan must be kept on a leash.  There are a number of cliffs in the park and children should be under adult supervision.  Please clean up the park when you are out!  Pick up some trash and give letterboxing a good name!!

  (Lots of missing Frogs!  - many of the log books are full 7 July 04)

Episode I: Genesis (3) mini (First box missing)
Episode II: Proto Tree Frogs (3)    mini (#2 is a micro) (At least one still left)
Episode III: Proto Cave Frogs (3)  mini (at least 1 missing)

Episode IV: Rediscovery (3) micro  (2 and 3 missing, 1 is there)
Episode V: Tree Frogs (3)    micro (One missing)
Episode VI: Cave Frogs (3)  micro (Two are missing)

Episode VII: Cliffs of Insanity (3)  mini  (All are missing)

Episode VIII: Road to Rivendel (3)  micro (at least first two are missing

Episode IX: Fire Swamp (3)  micro

The triple trio of trilogies is now complete!  

Frog's Pulpit         (Kentucky)  mini
Christmas Cedar   (Kentucky)  mini
Rum Point             (Grand Cayman Islands) mini (still there!)
Dunn's River Falls  (Jamaica) mini (missing)
Lost Fishie Mysterie  micro     Mystery  (Missing)

Full Scale Letterboxes

Covered Bridge Series

Covered Bridge 
Massies Creek Bridges (2) (Both are gone)
Ballard Road Bridge (Missing)
Engle Mill Bridge  (Missing)

Song Bird Series

Three Chickadees  (Missing)


Other Boxes
Ankeney Wetlands (reported by one to be missing)
Morel Heaven            Mystery Box
Carriage Hill    (missing)
Nothing But Footprints 
Through The Looking Glass
Diamond In the Rough
Horace Mann
Udder Madness         Mystery Box (log is full)
Cross Country
Adena Mound  *
Bullskin Trace (2)
Charleston Falls
Root of Withrow   *
Gandolph's Rune
Mad Brown Trout
East Fork Lake
Snow Dragon         Mystery Box

Vines of Time   *

Hooked on Phonics  *


Flyfisher Hitch Hikers

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