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Udder Madness - Mystery Letterbox
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Udder Madness
Location: Near ??  Clark County OH
Difficulty 1.5 
Placed 29 Nov 2001
By Flyfisher ([email protected])

Out in the Ohio farmland is a great spot to take your family and have some cheap fun.  The name of this place is rather out of place, considering how old the main building is… (built 1869).  The group there now gets involved in many charity causes.  They are one of the
major sponsors of a 150-mile bike ride for MS.  They also have a charity art contest and auction known as Udder Chaos. 

Go to this location, buy a milkshake, (Listed in the January 2001 Ohio Magazine as the best in Ohio) and then go feed the goats.  While you are there, pace off the fence around the goat pen.  You will need to know this number of paces a little later.  Call it the GPM – Goat
Pen Margin.

When you finish your activities at this place, get in the car and head 45 degrees on the state route for 3.4 miles until you reach a road we will just call S-X.  Take S-X for 0.3 miles and park in the public lot next to an asphalt trail. 

Time to work off those empty calories!  Starting where the two asphalt paths meet, head off at 40° for 130 paces.  (1 pace here = 2 steps or about 5 feet) You will arrive at a huge Cottonwood tree.  Take another 130 paces and you will see a stump on the right side of the path.  From that stump take the GPM pacing you got before, and turn your head to the right.  You will be staring at a rock on top of a little mound just off the path.  If you lift that rock you will show your udder madness.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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