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Tree Frogs
(At least one is Missing, one there)

Tree Frogs (3)
Near: Yellow Springs, Greene County, OH
Difficulty: 2 (Uneven hilly trail, ¼ mile total)
Placed 10 December 2001 by Flyfisher ([email protected])
All the Valley of Frogs letterboxes are micro boxes.

Parking is a half mile from the other Valley of the Frogs boxes. 
Easiest parking is at The Wingo Picnic Area of John Bryan Park. 
Follow the signs from Yellow Springs for the park, 68 north from town to 343 just outside town, then 370 to the entrance of the park.  Go through the park toward and past the day lodge to Wingo.  Park closes at dusk, dogs are to be on leash.  Coordinates for parking are N 39.79054 and W 83.85640.  You can use a GPS or the free map printing service at to find this place.

All the Valley boxes are micro letterboxes.  They have small stamps and their log book consists of a strip of paper.  All is contained in a 35mm film canister.  Please bring a small signature stamp. 

Valley of the Frogs: Episode V - Tree Frogs

Unaware of my approach, three noble tree frogs sat on their rocks singing songs.


"My, we sound good tonight brother!" said One. 
"Yess..oeke we do!  Don't you just thank God that we are not those common river frogs singing down by the river?" said Two.
"Yoke, I do.  If it were not for the grace… there go I.  Croaked Three. 
"You ready to sing again brothers?   Maybe there are some pretty green ladies about!" someone whispered….

Take the gravel path out of the parking area south for 100 paces (1 pace = 2 steps, about 5 feet) where the trail meets the Rim Trail.  Turning right and proceeding for 26 paces across the wooden bridge you run into a large tree growing out of a rock.  Up on top of the rock, between the trunk and a larger rock is a small fist sized rock.  Yollk!

Proceeding along the path another 28 paces a side trail at 160 degrees leads you down hill.  After 14 short paces, the trail continues to the right at 240 degrees.  From the turn, proceed 14 paces to a 10 foot tall spike of a stump.  Between the stump and a large rock is a small pile of 3 stones.  Yoke!

Continuing the same direction, 30 further paces, the trail turns hard left to avoid a pile of rocks.  The rock closest to the cliff forms a small alcove in which there is a white rock.  From behind the white rock and some leaves, cozy in its nest, you hear… Yokeke.

Thus goes the pride of the tree frogs on their rocky perches.  Their songs bring them visitors.

This part of the park is very active with rock climbers.  Please be discrete in your searching and stamping up.  And of course, have fun! 

Do you have 6 frogs in your collection?

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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