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Three Chickadees

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Three Chickadees
Difficulty: 2 a short walk
Hueston Woods State Park
Camden, Butler County, OH
Placed 29 December, 2001 by Flyfisher (

Songbird Series II

First go to the Lodge at Hueston Woods State Park and find the Thrasher letterbox.  More directions for finding the park are listed with that box. 

Leaving the lodge by road, follow the signs toward the golf course. If you get to the golf course you went too far, because you should stop at the parking lot next to the bridge over the tail waters of the lake.  (Just look for a place to go fly fishing and stop there.)

From the parking lot, take the unimproved gravel path network north toward the dam and through a bunch of cedar trees that will make a nice forest some day.  Pay no attention to the burbling stream until after you find the letterbox.  Then if you insist on dipping your
line no one will complain.  After a bit, the trails coalesce and the path intersects a grassy two track road. 

From the intersection, at 20 degrees and 6 paces (1P = 2S, about 5 feet) is a large cedar tree.  At its base are two railroad ties.  The northern tie is much lighter than it looks.  Move it to the side and you will find the 3 chickadees.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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