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Difficulty: 1 a walk in the park
Hueston Woods State Park
Camden, Preble County, OH
Placed 29 December, 2001 by Flyfisher (

Songbird Series I

I was in the park today recording some data for my thesis.  This park happens to be 46 miles from Xenia Ohio where my friend was acting as the other radio operator.  A great place to collect Near Vertical Incidence Skywave antenna data!  I have been here many times to sail in the summer, but had never seen the lake and woods so cold.  It was 20 and there was a cold stiff wind coming off the lake.

Begin by finding the Lodge and Conference Center at Hueston Woods State Park.  This park is north of Oxford Ohio, the location of Miami University.  More hints:  Northwest of Cincinnati, Southwest of Dayton on the state map.

Beginning at the flagpole in front of the lodge, walk across the grass and over a hummock at 300 degrees for 109 paces.  As usual, 1 pace = 2 steps or about 5 feet.  Arriving at a light pole at the wood's edge, take the trail from this point down the hill into the woods. 

Enjoy the quiet woods and the views of the lake from the path. Across the lake you will see the public swimming beach.  A few months from now that might be more appealing. 

At the second wood bridge, there is a post with an arrow on its top, pointing out the short loop.  From this post, head into the woods straight south 26 paces to a large tree rotting on the forest floor.  At the near end of this tree, against the ground and protected by 3 two-inch diameter logs, is the thrasher.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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