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Snow Dragon (Mystery)

Snow Dragon
Somewhere in Logan County, Ohio
Difficulty: Drive By
Clues with appology to Tolkien
Placed 21 January 2002 by Flyfisher <>< 

After the defeat of Smaug, little else is recorded of Bilbo’s adventures until the birthday party (111) of his disappearance. Little known is the minor adventure involving the Dragon of Snowy Mountain.

The adventure began in the Shire, east and a little south of Westward Freedom, on a large hill riddled with hobbit holes. The adventurous explorer can see hobbits to this day, though some believe dwarves more common in the hill. An impression of the hill, taken by a roving raven, and recorded with elvish skill, can be used to confirm one’s way.

From the hill, Bilbo traveled north, out of the shire, on Chief Logan’s first path. Passing the inn at Bree, (raven impression here) his party traveled across the River of Insanity to the Chief’s fifth pathway. Northeast, through the Valley of Insanity, until after passing under a bridge, he came to a village of men. Pausing for only a trout dinner, caught in the impounded stream, the troop went eastward, past a monument of the Frontiersman, and out of the village. Parallel to a seemingly uncrossable obstacle, opportunity to approach the Snowy Mountain was shortly afforded by a mannish bridge across the double white ribbon.

South and then southwest, Bilbo traveled to a high valley and then to Snowy Mountain itself. At the entrance to the mountain, runes in one of the languages of men were found on a large signpost. The runes and pictographs were in yellow, white, green, and maroon.

A faint buzzing noise at 220 degrees and 33 paces (1 pace = 2 steps, about 5 feet) attracted the curious Bilbo. What he discovered under the cairn of 3 rocks at the foot of a large tree, showed him something of the importance of bravery in the face of unknown danger.

For he discovered that the Snow Dragon was nothing more than a small skidragon, and it no fiercer than a fly.

Bilbo examined the dragon at his leisure, made a drawing for his enjoyment, and then imprisoned it once more so that it might not cause any more havoc. You, brave follower, are allowed both privileges as well.

The event was of so little consequence; it never made the final manuscript of the Hobbit’s “Red Book” – “There and Back Again”.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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