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Rum Point

Rum Point
Near: Boden, Grand Cayman Island
Placed 17 December 2001 by Flyfisher ([email protected])

There are several fees applicable for this letterbox.  The principle fee is transportation to Grand Cayman, part of the British Commonwealth, south of Cuba in the Caribbean.

Grand Cayman has an airport, several major hotels, and is a popular stopping point for cruise ships.  It was badly hurt by a November 2001 hurricane, but has mostly gotten back up on its tourist feet. 

From the docks at Georgetown, walk (2 miles each way) or take a taxi ($12 US each way) to the central part of "7 mile beach".   This is near the settlement of Boden.  I walked past the local cemetery, it was clear that the founding family of this part of the island was Boden.  The cemetery graves are all above ground cement affairs designed to create some sense of permanence to the churchyard. 

The landmark of the central part of the beach is the Hyatt Regency. Our cab driver worked out getting us into the Hyatt beach, perhaps one can do the same for you.  This is a nice beach with soft white sand and lots of reef fish in the clear water, but visiting the beach
is not essential in your quest.

There is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the main highway at the Hyatt.  Under the bridge and across the street from the Hyatt, a path leads toward the Rum Point Ferry.  Take the path until it ends at the terminus of a pretty canal.  A bench is set in beautiful surroundings.  Have a seat and enjoy the tropics. 

When you have thoroughly relaxed, look over your left shoulder and you will see the parking lot for the ferry.  Take the sidewalk to the parking lot.  It's entrance is on a street called Palm Heights Drive (which you can ascertain from it's signpost on the main drag.)

Standing in the middle of the entrance of the parking lot on Palm Heights Drive, and taking a compass heading of 10 degrees, walk off 15 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) to the base of a tree in a little used lot.  At the base of the tree is a white rock.  Under that rock is the frog of Rum Point.

If you find this stamp, please stamp in quietly, finding a time to put the box back when others are not watching.  I would also appreciate a note via email, as I do not know when I may be able to return to Grand Cayman. 

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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