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Root of Withrow

Root of Withrow
Near Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
Easy park trail, easy clue
Originally Placed 21 December 2001 (Replaced 10 Nov 2002) by Flyfisher ([email protected])

New Clues Written 10 November 2002

This letterbox is in the same park as the Trout Lilly Trail letterbox. 

Following the directions for franzsolo's Trout Lilly, pause a little longer at the beautiful Ohio River Overlook.  The kissing bench is the reference for this box. 

Sitting on the bench, looking at the Ohio River, raise your right arm, parallel to the boards on the bench.  Sight down your arm and your finger is pointing to a tree 75 feet away.  (1 pace = 2 steps, or about 5 feet)  Under some logs,  nestled near the roots of this tree, is the "Root of Withrow," sign of the scion of the Withrow family.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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