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Road to Rivendel(3)
(First and second Missing)

John Bryan State Park, Near Yellow Springs, Greene County, OH

Difficulty 2 - 2 miles of flat walking

Placed 1 February 2002 by



Valley of the Frogs Episode VIII:  Road to Rivendel

(There are 3 microboxes to be found - log and stamp only)


"It's all a matter of timing!" Strider seemed a little irritated at another break called for by the 4 hobbits. "How so?" asked Frodo, with genuine interest.


"Without a constant pace and knowledge of time, how could one ever know how far one has gotten?"  Strider was incredulous that the short folk had never given this a thought.  Knowing how far one had gone by pace or by watch was second nature - unless one needed to stop for 6 meals a day.  After all, they were in a hurry!


Strider went over the directions again, in case the party got separated.  


"Begin at the origin of Natural Resources 3 on Natural Resources 1", he recited. "Take a bearing of 20 degrees and walk at a nice pace for a minute and 45 seconds to the outlands.  Take care, you will see Women there.  


"OH! bother!" said Frodo, "Lets just do it.  If it looks like we will be separated we can rehearse the rest."


"From the Women Place, take a bearing of 80 degrees and walk toward the old lodging house," said Strider.


It was barely two minutes later when Frodo noticed the smooth rocky path running at 50 degrees.  The party took the wide path to a white gate.  From the gate post they saw another wide path at 320 degrees.  


Strider remarked, "Measure this well.  Without timing, all will be lost!"

Merry said he would be glad to time this leg on his pocket watch.  Four and a half minutes later, from between three large trees close by the right side of the road (two of the three were twins) the group heard a shrill croak...  It seemed to be coming from under a rock between the three trees.  


"OOH," said Merry, "Listen - it sounds like it is calling my name."  


Sure enough, the frog, caught under the large rock, was croaking out a high pitched "Mare-Rhee!  Mare-Rhee."  After adjusting the rock, the frog was a little quieter, especially as Merry had been careful to put the rock back so that the weight of the rock was not pinching the little frog underneath.


Continuing down the path - this time Sam had volunteered to keep time - they had gone an additional 5 minutes.  Strider's senses were on edge, as there was evidence that Trolls had been on the path not long before.


"Do you see the campaign ribbons on the tree here by this rude path?"  asked the man anxiously.  "We must take care to be quiet and careful."


In the stillness, Sam heard a muffled frog like sound.  "ss..aa..aa  mmmm"  ...  

"ss..aa..aa  mmmm"    


He said, "Seems a little like it is coming from over there across the path, behind that large pine tree."  


They walked the 5 paces over to the tree.  


"Hmm" whispered Strider, "I believe that is the largest pine we have seen on the right side of the path since we began.  Trolls and pines are sometimes seen together.  You see that big group of large pines 50 paces away?  Let's make sure we avoid that place and stay on the path."  


Suddenly, from under a roundish rock at the base of this pine tree, the hobbits heard it again..  "ss..aa..aa  mmmm"    "ss..aa..aa  mmmm"   


Back on the path, with a good deal of the worry of the Trolls behind them, another 3 minutes brought them to the white striped outpost of Rivendel.  


Strider and Frodo were both concerned the outpost was not occupied.  They both saw why at the same time...  Toward 40 degrees, 5 paces away, the guard was standing at the base of a tree peering under a rock.  


Pippin over and got a small thrill when he realized there was a little frog there squeaking his name - "Pip-ip!  Pip-ip!"  The guard was thinking of an elvish spell to make the little frog sleepy since he was feeling sleepy as well - and all the Pip-ips were interrupting  dreaming at his post.  


Pippin helped to carefully put the rock back over the little frog and keep him warm.  He even quieted a bit.


It was only 2 minutes later on the path, that the group of hobbits with their protector and guide reached Rivendel.  The silver dome of the castle gleamed in the sun and good food promised to be within its walls.  


For the traveler who is unable to stop by the castle, continuing along the road to the south will bring one back to familiar lands.  

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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