Flyfisher's Letterboxes
(2 and 3 are Missing)

Rediscovery (3)
Near Clifton, Greene County, OH
Difficulty: 2: a mile and a half of trail walking
Placed 9 December 2001 by Flyfisher ([email protected])

Valley of the Frogs:  Episode IV Rediscovery

In the valley, where men once did pass
Three frogs deep in conversation
Sat in their algae and grass

Ribit said the first
Ribbett said the second
Rhabat said the third

"We're quite a herd" said number one
"Frogs ain't herds!" said two
"I will be heard!" said three

And then
After a pause


Park at N 39* 47.635 min, W 83* 50.521 min.  You can find this with a GPS receiver or with an interactive topographic map at  The topographic map would be a good idea in any case.

Begin at the Orton Picnic Area sign.  A map of the park may be available at this sign.  The trail you need is at 210 degrees from this sign across a mowed area of the park.  Go down the trail.  It merges with the Rim trail and you go first right, then left from the Rim Trail to continue down the hill to a footbridge across the Little Miami River.

At the base of the far end of the foot bridge, you will discover a set of stone steps under the wood ones.  On the north side of those stone steps, 3 steps down, is a small pile of rocks.  (Ribit) 

Continue on the trail along the river on a heading of 180 degrees at the beginning, but turning more and more to the west.  230 paces (1 pace = 2 steps; about 5 feet) later you come to a 100 yard long island in the river.  On your left is a very large group of boulders. Walk up to those bolders and into the ravine between the first one and the huge one.  

Looking toward the river, you will see a 6ft by 6ft cavity through a crack too skinny to climb through. It contains a white rock that you will see. Find the other entrance to the cavity and look under the white rock.  (Ribbett)

Returning to the footbridge and across it, you count paces from the Clifton Gorge sign as you begin to climb the hill toward your car.  At 27 paces, a large rock at the right side of the trail gets your attention.  A niche in the rock at the height of your navel is filled with a moss-covered rock.  From under it you hear a sound:  (RHABAT)  (This box missing as of 27 April 2003)

You already know that other letterboxes are nearby:  Covered Bridge, Horace Man, and Whispering Pines.  Could it be that other small frogs are hidden in the Valley of Frogs?  Keep in touch.  They may be.

Note:  All the Valley of Frogs letterboxes are micro boxes.  They contain a strip of paper as a log and a small stamp in a 35mm film canister.  Please use a small (1 inch diameter or smaller) stamp for these boxes.  None of them contain a stamp pad.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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