The Miami Valley

Bent Trail Riders

On the second Sunday of September, 99, I had the opportunity to ride with a group of recumbent bike riders out of Xenia Station in southern Ohio. What a fun bunch of bike enthusiasts! I filled out a membership application (free) and became the 100th registered member of the group.

Just before noon, the first riders began assembling in the parking lot.

There were some guys and some gals:

Recumbents are not always the easiest of bikes to transport. I saw some unusual carriers for the first time:

Some of the bikes were stock, straight out of the store:

Some were modified by the owners:

A few were the product of creative genius of the builder:

My trike is among this group:

By about 12:30, a critical mass had assembled:

And we took off for a nice spot about 10 miles away, in Beavercreek:

After which we returned to Xenia and had a nice picnic lunch. In October, the group plans on a 30 mile jaunt to Corwin and a picnic at the half-way point. Join us.

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