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Proto Tree Frogs
(First is Missing)

Name: Proto Tree Frogs (3)

Difficulty 2, off trail scrambling

Near Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio

Placed 10 January, 2002 by

Flyfisher ([email protected])

Entering John Bryan State Park on Natural Resources 1, continue past the park office to the second road on the right.  This is Natural Resources 3.  Park in the lot at the end of this road. 

Valley of the Frogs, Episode II: Proto Tree Frogs

"WhooWhoo"  Deed yau see watt beeg froggie go by dees morgan?  "WhooWhoo"

"Taint no froggie go by herie dees day ... "Whoop...hop"

"Twhat tu meeane, WhooWhoo, Twas big an no hair had it.  Ann it walked and jumpeded on jes two footsies, WhooWhoo..."

WhueWhue... Taint no froggie!  Dat were a maaan.  It were a beeg MAAAN!  WhueWhue...  Bet no goodie come from his walkin' true herie."

Beginning in the parking lot at the North Rim Trail sign, take the trail  23 paces (1 pace = 2 steps, about 5 feet) to the Rim Trail and turn right.  29 paces later, turn down hill on the trail you intersect.  Continue down this trail until you reach the major trail that goes downhill to the East.  Take this trail down the hill to a long foot bridge across the Little Miami River.  

At the far (south) end of the bridge, turn left (east) along the path.  80 paces takes you to a big stepping stone in the middle of a path and a creek.  

Standing on top of the stepping stone, take a bearing of 10 degrees.  You will be looking at the rightmost of 3 large cedar trees along the river.  Go to that tree.  From the back (river side) of it, a 4 inch diameter shoot comes forth.  It goes up and then it comes down.  Follow that shoot down two giant steps, and along the branch you will find a cocoon hanging from the branch.  Leave the cocoon attached to the tree and remove its contents.  Listen carefully and you may hear...  WhooWhoo...

Go back to the central standing stone and find the tree that is second closest to you.  It is on the side of the path away from the river.  Behind that tree you will see a little pile of bark.  Look under the bark and you will find a little frog.  "Whoop...hop" 

Return once again to the central standing stone.  Continue East on the path for 82 paces to a lone cedar by the river on your left.  Go look near the base of that tree on the river side for a green cocoon.  "WhueWhue.."

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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