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Proto Cave Frogs
(at least one Missing)

Name: Proto Cave Frogs (3)

Difficulty 2

Near Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio

Placed 10 January, 2002 by

Flyfisher (

New clues 12 Feb 2002

Entering John Bryan State Park on Natural Resources 1, continue past the park office to the first road on the right.  This road leads to the lower picnic area.  From the parking, walk toward 40 degrees.  A trail begins to the left of the rock shelter.  Please stay within 10 feet of the trail and treat the small plants gently.  

Valley of the Frogs, Episode III: Proto Cave Frogs

"Ratat..  Ratat..  Followers of the high prince, do you hear that utterly common croaking coming from down in the valley?  What do you suppose those common froggies are going on about?  Hmm...."

"RapRapRap...  Oh George, I have no idea!  Should one of us reconnoiter?"

"Ruppapa...Hmmm, you two go ahead.  I have found a golden ring which bears much inspection.  Precious it seems.  Hmmm, Ruppapa."

Ratat.. Ratat.. Ohhh, I think we may all stay here and inspect this trinket you have discovered.  It does, factually, seem quite precious indeed."

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