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Hooked on Phonics
(Reported Missing by one, not confirmed)

Xenia, Greene County, Ohio

7 February, 2002


Sara Lee is hooked on phonics.  She is also hooked on a park at 350 Kinsey Road, near the high school, because she says it is named after her.  


Sara Lee is doing better in school this year than she has in years.  It seems that she has always excelled in cooking class, but not in the readin, writin, and rithmatic.  That all changed when she discovered phonics.  


She also found that she could write notes to her friends which even the principal could not read.  It was all because she learned how to read and write in Shavian, a phonetic English alphabet.  


I was walking through "her" park on a mild mid winter's afternoon and came across a scrap of paper on the ground.  On one side it said:


Like a bird from

Prison bars has fled

I'll fly away


And on the other side it had the following:


It must have been one of Sara Lee's notes.

Was it a note to a boyfriend? 

Would you write me if you understand it?

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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