Flyfisher's Letterbox Writing
PFXE Scores

Jan 27 2002

P means put, placed, created, clued, and carved. It is any box you make with a new stamp, clues, and log book. If you replace a box it  does not count as a new P unless the clue and the location and the stamp are all changed. If you start a hitchhiker along its way it  counts as P. If you find the hitchhiker and move it along it is not a P it is an ... 

F means found... which means found unless... well, it does not count  as found if you planted it, even if you forgot where it was, or one you already have found, or one you can't remember finding, but whose stamp you already have (unless two boxes have duplicate stamps!) It does not even count as found if you find it somewhere else... down the river, or in the park ranger's office. If you find a box and repair it by replacing the stamp or pouring the water out of it or drying it in the summer sun, or putting it in a new tupperware, it is still found - not placed. You will get extra credit when it counts - uh, when it is important - it does not count except to God and to the letterboxer you helped out. 

X means exchange... and this usually works by finding the boxer instead of the box. Any letterboxer you find who has their stamp available can stamp your log book if both parties
agree. (The reverse is true as well.) 

Note that no one has ever decreed a punishment levied on an honestly found letterboxer who does not have their stamp available. If this sport were more like life in fighter squadrons, someone would have set such a penalty long ago... but it is not. I live in fear that 
I will be found without my squadron coin - especially near a bar - where money runs out of one's pockets like water through seemingly sealed tupperware. Perhaps, for the good of Boston pubs, such a punishment could be decreed by the Lords and Ladies of LbNA. At the very least, this should be required at meetings of letterboxers. 

Finally, I saw a posting several weeks back that listed P, F, X and E. I foolishly asked what E might stand for, foolish because no one answered and here I sit asking again....

I received a reply from Amanda in Seattle that E was for event stamps... 

F2<>< P58F10X2

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