Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Lost Fishie Mysterie




Oh where, Oh where could that little fish be?

Oh where, Oh where could he be?


All you have is a little fragment of a map:



And a few notes:


Near the pylon on the east side,

Standing under an absent bridge,

Trees overhead and still,

You can't hide!


Face the noontime sun, 

Turn away from the path,

Carrying kids that peddle for fun,

Forward 32 paces.


Pass the Orc road at 20,

Keep going,

To a sycamore tree,

 On the righting.


Find the Pisces!

Five pacies West 

Look for a cocoon

Flyfisher high.


Tuck 'em back to sleep,

For the next boxing fisher,

Or fishing boxer,


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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