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This hitchhiker is also a Geocache Travel Bug.  It was originally put in the Letterboxing North America Geocache.  It has traveled to the Great Seal Cache in central Ohio and is presently between homes.  To see its travels go to its own page:


GeoAlterEgo Homepage




HareHiker is is microletterbox placed inside Franzsolo's Mystery Hiker box in John Bryan Park.  HareHiker's goal is to get all the way around the park, near other microletterboxes or in larger ones, and then to work toward the east coast and see all the boxes in CT!


Date if known      Hostel                             Mover

02/01/02       Mystery Hiker                      <><

02/03/02       Ohio Century Box                 franzsolo


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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