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Frog's Pulpit

Frog's Pulpit
Difficulty: Easy mile walk on paths
Near Ft. Wright, Kenton County, KY
Placed 25 December 2001 by Flyfisher (

With the stream gurgling or babbling (depending on one's proficiency with ancient tongues) nearby, the frog's bully pulpit is filled on quiet spring evenings with either local talent or with the bass notes of circuit riding bullfrogs.  The choir of cicadas breaks in to enthrall the congregation, and the message is deeply infused in the listener. 

Far from the Valley of Frogs, pioneers sent out by the ancient order have settled this little glade.  Their northern cousins would be happy to know their Kentucky cousins are prospering, growing, learning, and making lots of little froggies!

From I-75 south of the Ohio River, take the Kyles Lane exit.  Heading east until the road becomes Highland Ave, proceed down the hill to the Ft. Wright Nature Center on the right side of the road.  OR, From I-275, take exit 80 to KY 17.  North mile turn left on Highland Ave and proceed up the hill to the park on your left. 

From the parking lot, take the path to the north.  A gravel path veers off the concrete at 330 degrees. Take the gravel path to an intersection where There is a small sign showing that the trails are to the right.  Take the trails to a fork where you choose between the lower and upper Trillium Trails.  Common green frogs would choose the low road, and so do you.  18 paces later (1 pace = 2 steps or about 5 feet) look for the notched rock at the base of the tree on your right.  That rock is the pulpit, and it's occupant sleeps beneath. 

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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