Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Fire Swamp (3)

Near Yellow Springs, Greene County, OH

Difficulty: 2

Another box whose theme sprang from "Princess Bride"

Placed 23 February by Flyfisher, with the assistance of Starfish, the beautiful young lady who entered into holy matrimony with Flyfisher nearly 25 years ago.  


This is the conclusion of the Valley of Frogs triple trio of trilogies.  I hope you have enjoyed them all.  Each box is a different frog.  Collect them all!


Like all the Valley letterboxes, these are in John Bryan State Park.  Parking for this series is in the lower picnic area.  


Valley of the Frogs Episode IX:  (3 microboxes)


Chu... Chu...

Brothers:  Quiet be!  Silly human folk 'scomin' into the Fireswamp to lookie fur us.  


Yeew......Yeew.....  You's got ta be kiddin'!  If the fire jets don' get em, this here fast sand will.  Jus' las' week some wittle one came through here and stepped in the sand.  They bes' bee careful!


eeet!   eeet!  Id's got to be foolish of em ter try!  If that thar jets and sand don' get em, this big ROUS will.  I'd be glad for him to go looking for something else to eat!  I's gettin' real tired of hiding under this here rock!  


Now shussh!  Heer's they commin'.......


From parking, go to the south corner of the picnic area.  A trail begins there.  Follow the trail about a hundred yards until you get to  a sign which says:  "Campground Trail"


Go south down the hill on the trail from that sign until you reach another sign which says:

"Camp Trail / Lower Picnic Area".


From that sign, go 80 degrees for 21 paces until you reach a blown down tree which did cross the path, but which has been cut for the path.  At the base of that blown down tree, among the splinters of the trunk, you may see a rock.  Under the rock, you hear a little voice:  Chu.... Chu..... Take care for the fire spouts and tread lightly.  Carry a fire extinguisher if the ground is dry.  If you are of the female persuasion, don't wear long dresses unless they are fire retardant.


Continue down the path toward the East for another 55 paces and you will come to a split and dead cedar tree on the right, 10 feet off the trail.  Somehow, a rock got up in the split.  From under it yeew hears a whimper..... Yeew.... Yeew....And be VERY careful of that flat sandy area just off to the south!  That is one reason the ranger folk here don't want innocents wandering off the trails.


Go another 25 paces and you will arrive at a handy little map.  Looking at the map, and trying to decipher which trails are real approved trails and which are rogue trails which one should not stray out on, the hair on the back of your neck stands up.  You hear a little warning coming from under a rock directly behind you at the base of dead cedar tree.  It is a shrill little eeet!    eeet!  Quickly stamping in, you are away before the R.O.U.S. you hear rustling around on the other side of the hill discovers you.  


To return to your parking, you may return... or if you continue you arrive in the area of the Proto Cave Frogs.  Of course you have a map in front of you to tell you how you can get there!


I hope you enjoyed this little series of adventures


FlyFisher <><




Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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