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Englewood Metro Park West

Englewood Metro Park West
Difficulty: 1 Easy park trails
Near: Englewood, Montgomery County, OH
Letterboxing materials added 28 December 2001 by Flyfisher ([email protected])

This is a hybrid Geocache/Letterbox. 

The Geocache was placed by Abe and Kathleen on 2 December 2001. Letterboxing materials were added today.  Modified directions for letterboxers without a GPS follow:

A Topographic Map can be printed from:
Englewood West Topo Map
On this map, X marks the spot.

From I 70 take the Englewood Exit #29 and go north on SR 48.  Pass US 40, and watching carefully on the right, you will see a banner for the metro park on the right.  Park nearby and make your way back to this road.  The road is closed for the season (for driving) in the winter, but you can walk east down the hill.  When the road ends in a
T intersection, in the overgrown meadow to the Northwest, you will see 3 cedar trees.  The geocache/letterbox is 15 feet NW of the largest cedar. 

It is an ammo case with orange markings!!  If you cannot find this one, you need to see your eye doctor. 

The stamp is a little fish from the Stillwater River that flows through the park.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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