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East Fork Lake

East Fork Lake
Difficulty: 2 the gravel path is pretty steep
Near Bethel, Clermont County, OH
Placed 31 December, 2001 by Flyfisher ([email protected])
15 degrees F, beautiful sunshine for my last letterbox of the year!

This letterbox is in the same park as the Owl's Nest by franzsolo. For directions to the East Fork park, see his box.  You can park in the same spot for both letterboxes or if your legs are a bit more feeble, you can get back in the car and drive to the top of the East end of the earthen dam.  Parking there is a little dicier as I did not see a parking spot right where the directions start.  (But I didn't see no parking signs either.)

Begin at the STOP sign at the gate at the east end of the dam.  There is a post there with a red tape around its middle.  Go 10 degrees for 39 hard paces up a gravel bank or find a slightly easier way up on top of the bank.  There is a post labeled #6 at the corner of a path
right there. 

Make sure you take a good view of the lake from this vantage point. Then go back to the post and go directly west 18 paces (1 pace = 2steps, about 5 feet) to an old rotting tree on the forest floor. Inside the near end of that tree, hidden by a rock, you may find the East Fork letterbox if the raccoons have let it be.

There is a geocache within 500 feet of this spot if you want to go for it.  "East of the Fork and West of the Spoon" by Girl Scout Troop 1989.  Coordinates for that cache are:
N 39 deg 01.366 min W 84 deg 08.827 min.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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