Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge
Near Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio
Difficulty 1.5
Placed 23 November 2001 by Flyfisher 

Life was a little simpler than the rush of today.  At least it looks that way from our vantage point.  Computers were not yet part of science fiction.  Science fiction was Jules Verne.  Structural wood was still cheaper than structural steel.  Buildings, fences, and bridges were almost all made of wood. 

But bridges needed to remain strong with the passing of heavy wagons pulled by horses and later tractors and trucks.  Paint was not enough protection for the bridge structural members from the ravages of weather.  So roofs and sides were put on wooden bridges  to keep them dry. 

In the late twentieth century, many of these bridges were replaced by steel or by concrete bridges.  In a few cases money was available to move the wooden covered bridge to a park or somewhere it might be appreciated. 

To find this bridge, use a topographic or road map to find Grinnell Road just outside Yellow Springs.  A couple hundred yards north of its crossing the Little Miami River, on the south-west side of the road is a turn-off where you can park. 

If you desire a GPS coordinate, it is N 39 deg 47.120 min W 83 deg 52.607 min. 

The bridge is across a field at a heading of 250 degrees.  The length of the bridge is 24 of my paces.  Enjoy the babbling of the brook under the bridge.  Try to ignore the graffiti left by this generation's vandals not that this is the first to deface these beautiful bridges. 

Keeping going absolutely straight up the hill in front of you a total of 38 paces.  At the foot of the two honey locust trees (big thorns) the letterbox lies under two or three stones.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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