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Cliffs of Insanity (3)
(All 3 Missing)

Cliffs of Insanity

Part of the Valley of the Frogs Series

John Bryan State Park, Greene County, Ohio

Clues with apology to "Princess Bride"

Difficulty 2 

Placed 28 January 2002 by

Flyfisher <><


The Valley of Frogs:  Episode VII

For this series, you may need to brush up on your Shavian.


The trio and the Princess arrived at the base of a large cliff.  "Ah!"  said one, "Whoever he is, he is too late!  Look!  The Cliffs of Insanity!"



Retrieving the device, the frog taunts you....  "There are two ends to this container - one is white and one is black.  Which should you choose?   If you have been educated in mannish schools, you will choose the white end, because white is always safer than black.  If you received schooling in froggish schools, you would know that I would intend for you to choose the white side, so you would choose the black..."


You, being experienced with these Valley Frogs, open both ends!  In one you find: a log, in the other: a stamp and a stamp pad.  As you squish the stamp in your book, you faintly hear a croak which sounds like:  Vince-See-Nee...  Slip the little frog some iocaine powder to help him sleep - assuming you have built up resistance yourself over the last few years.




You hear the sound of rocks hitting the cliff ahead. From down the hill you hear a frog croak:  "Spooorsman Likke!"  "Spoorsman Likke!"  



You hear a faint, dream-like froggie noise that sounds a lot like Fezz-ickk!  Fezz-ickk! Put him back when you have finished stamping in, and wish him "Pleasant dreams of Large Female Frogs!"




Continuing in the same direction along the Cliffs of Insanity, until you come to two trees against the cliff.  What to do??  


The answer depends on a single question.  I'm smiling while I write this, because I know something you do not know.  You might ask "What do you know?"  I know the question of course!  


Your next action and your very life depends on whether you have 6 fingers on your right hand.  If you do, get out of there, run out of the Valley, and don't look back.  


If you do not have 6 fingers on your right hand, you are about to meet one of the nicest frogs in the Valley.  



When you open the tube, the inhabitant says:  "Heelllo...  Mye naame ees I-Nig-Go... I-Nig-Go Mon Toy Ya!  I-Nig-Go Mon Toy Ya...  


If you have any knowledge of the 6 fingered letterboxer you may have seen running out of the valley, this frog will want to know all the details.  


(I hear that there is a Blue Hole at the bottom of this road.)

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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