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Christmas Cedar

Christmas Cedar
Difficulty: Drive-by
Near Florence, Boone County, KY
Placed 25 December 2001 by Flyfisher ([email protected])

From I-75 in Florence, Kentucky, take exit 181, KY 18, to the west. The water tower at the Mall here has an interesting story once recounted in Reader's Digest.  The people at the Mall paid to have the painting of the new water tower with an understanding that the
tower would be labeled "Florence Mall."  The painter completed his task, but the state officials complained that there could be no advertising on water towers in their state.  Florence city fathers agreed, made appropriate financial arrangements with the owner of the
Mall, and told the painter to change the sign so it no longer read Florence Mall. 

I am a Kentuckian, and understand the mixture of Scottish penny pinching and Elizabethan humor that overcame the tower painter.  He climbed the tower, and finished the job within the hour.  It now read: FLORENCE Y'ALL.  Still does…

After proceeding 3.3 miles west, turn right at a traffic light onto Veteran's Way and into Boone Woods Park.  Proceed through 2 stop signs in the park, finally coming to Shelter #2.  From the charcoal grill there, take 9 paces East (1 Pace = 2 steps) to a cedar tree.  A
rock at it's base shelters the Christmas Cedar letterbox.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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