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Cave Frogs
(1 and 3 are Missing)

Cave Frogs (3)
Difficulty: 3+  (Involves some off trail rock scrambling.  No climbing equipment or technical rock climbing experience needed.  But don't try this if you are not accustomed to some rock climbing.  Don't try it alone.  Not recommended for children without parental control.)
Near Yellow Springs, Greene County, OH 
Placed 11 December 2001 by Flyfisher

See Tree Frogs…  This is also a set of micro boxes.  In the same park as Rediscovery and Tree Frogs.  Park at Swimming Pool Road Trail Access (dirt and grass road closed to traffic) or go to the Rim Trail at its intersection with Swimming Pool Road.

Valley of the Frogs:  Episode VI – Cave Frogs

I thought I heard the frogs mumbling as I approached.
"Can't frinde my Presscioussssss…" 
"We don' have yoour Presscioussss.  Nooo wee don'!"
"Shhh…Shhh…Shhh… Mine heaare sumpin'"

They noted my arrival near the caves and reverted to Frog Talk:

"You sheure yoou don' havie mine Presscioussss?  I not frinde mine Pressciouss!"
"Shhhhh! Yooue Krazzie??  Human Kind here…"


From the Swimming Pool Road Trail Access parking, take the dirt, gravel, and grass road 140 degrees for 200 paces (a pace = 2 steps, about 5 feet) where it ends at a sign and a T intersection with the Rim Trail.  (You could also walk here along the Rim trail from other
Frog Valley trails.

From the sign, note the faint trail at 160 degrees.  Follow that down the rock crack until you reach the base of the 30 foot cliff.  Turn right and stay near the base of the rock wall.  Count your paces, and at 30 nasty little short paces, note the small cave on your right. 
From under the white rock at its entrance you hear Krooak….

Marching on an additional 6 paces later on top of a little knob, you look up on the cliff and see a little cave.  I looked in there for a cave frog, but did not find one.  If you are feeling spunky, you can look too, but not without a hiking buddy who can go get an ambulance
if you need one! 

Instead, notice that between the top of the knob and the tree you can go a few steps downhill.  Huh!  I thought I heard a cave frog around here!  You may hear one under the white rock on the left side of the opening of this little cave.  Krokak…

Returning to the path, continue along the base of the cliff another 26 paces.  You will come across a natural bridge – more like a cave with two openings.  Entering the passage, you will see that a third opening give you a beautiful of the Valley of Frogs.  By your left
foot you note a largish flat white rock.  From under it you happen to just hear: Krukooak…

Do you now have 9 frogs in your book?

If you continue another 60 paces along the wall you will come to a crack which is reasonably easy to climb.  Go up that crack to the Rim Trail.  Turning right, 82 paces will take you back to the Swimming Pool Road.  A left turn will take you those 200 paces back to the parking. 

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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