Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Carriage Hill


Carriage Hill
Near Huber Heights, Montgomery County, Ohio
Difficulty 2, 1 mile round trip
Placed 24 November 2001

Long days in the fields behind horse drawn plows and harvesting equipment were the essence of farm life in rural Ohio in the 1880's. If I had been a teenage son or a hired hand, my daydreams would have gone to fishing the ponds and lakes of the farm.  This letterbox
gives you the chance to experience just that same daydream.

On the north side of Dayton, north of I 70 and east of SR 201 is the Carriage Hill MetroPark.   900 acres of rolling farmland surround a working 1880 farm with draft animals, a blacksmith, and a well appointed farm house with volunteers in period costume.  It is a great afternoon outing for a family, open year round. 

The visitor's center is worth a look, as are the farm buildings.  A map of the park showing the trails is available (free) in the visitor's center.  It may also be available in the picnic areas at the head of trails… but these boxes were empty in November of 2001. 

For the letterbox, walk across the road from the Farm/Visitors center or park in the small lot at the Red Wing Picnic Shelter.  Take the boardwalk across the wetland area while looking for redwing blackbirds.  At the far end of the boardwalk take the path along the
lake (heading 140 deg) for 85 paces where it branches.  (1 pace = 2 steps)  Take the left path and continue across a number of cross paths in the woods and grass prairie following a course near enough to 60 deg until you arrive at the south end of the dam for North Woods Pond.  Cross the dam (34 paces) and then take the path at 60 degrees for 17 paces.  Several paces to your right you will see a standing stump on the lakeshore about 10 feet tall. 

The Carriage Hill letterbox is in the heart of that stump, under a couple pieces of wood and bark, and reached from the side facing the lake.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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